Community Links Policy

Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre

Community Links Policy


Cuan Bhride Childcare Centre believes that community involvement at local, regional, and national levels will enhance a child’s learning of the world around them and help create a sense of identity for the child. Community links will be sought and maintained for adults and children at the local, regional, and national level with a variety of organizations representing childcare, local community, professional supports, and health services, educational, cultural, social, and environmental.


  1. Information will be made available on parent notification boards, in pamphlets, through email and letters about local, regional, and national professional supports (e.g. Early Childhood Ireland, High/Scope Ireland, Roscommon County Childcare Committee), health services (e.g. public health nurse, preschool officers), parenting Programmes, support groups, parent and toddler group, training opportunities, cultural actives, local parks, Gardaí, sport facilities.

  2. Links and relationships will be maintained with the local Gardaí, the fire station, and ambulance crews.

  3. Outings and field trips will be facilitated when possible to allow children to be an active participant in their community.

Updated 12 September 2018