Equipment Policy

Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre

Equipment Policy


It is the policy of Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre that the equipment available is suitable, safe and age appropriate, while providing new challenges and experiences for the developmental needs of each child.


  1. All equipment must be kept clean and hygienic at all times.

  2. Staff members are responsible for the equipment in their classrooms, by ensuring that all equipment is clean, safe and well maintained at all times.

  3. Equipment is checked regularly for broken parts while cleaning and through out the day while working with children.

  4. All equipment purchased is based on the children's developmental needs and interests.

  5. All staff must have a thorough understanding of the developmental benefits children gain from the equipment.

  6. The layout of each room must ensure that the equipment is accessible to the children, to promote choice and a sense of independence.

  7. All equipment chosen will reflect the curriculum.

  8. A variety of different textures and materials will be used throughout the classrooms.

Updated 12 September 2018