Hygiene & Prevention of Infectious Disease Policy

Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre
Hygiene & Prevention of Infectious Diseases Policy


Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre is committed to promoting a healthy environment and a high standard of personal hygiene for adults and children.


  1. Staff must always model and explain the reasons for hygiene practices.

  2. Staff must always be aware that in their personal and professional hygiene practices and routines they are setting an example (modelling) for the children by:

    1. Washing hands in thermostatically controlled hot water after using toilets, before and after handling food, after outdoor play, and play with pets.

    2. Cover nose and mouth when sneezing/coughing

    3. Dispose of used tissues in covered bins

  1. Staff must cover all cuts and sores with suitable dressings and avoid touching face, nose, or mouth.

  2. When dealing with spills:

  1. Staff will ensure that all children are at a safe distance from the spill.

  2. Good quality disposable gloves must always be used when cleaning up spills of body fluids (vomit, blood, urine, excrement).

  3. Any spills of body fluids or excrement must be wiped up with disposable paper towels and hygienically disposed of in double plastic bags.

  4. The areas of the accident must be treated with a chlorine (1000pm)/bleach-based solution, diluted according to the manufacturers’ instructions using disposable cloths.

  5. Parents will supply clean clothing in the event of accidents.

  6. Supply of polythene bags will be available to wrap soiled garments.

  1. Staff in each room will follow a daily and weekly cleaning schedule and document in the space provided when the items have been completed.

  2. When an illness or infectious disease is brought to the attention of the centre, a notification will be posted on the front door, and the door to the four main rooms.

  3. Disposable gloves will be worn when putting on sun crème.

  4. Hands will be washed with soap and water every time disposable gloves are removed.

Cleaning procedures

  1. Mop cloths for general floor washing must be disinfected using a hot 90degree wash at the end of the cleaner’s shift. All HACCP regulations will be followed.

  2. There is a daily and weekly cleaning routine in place for each room in respect of floors, tables, playroom and outdoor equipment, toys and frequently mouthed objects.

  3. All toilets, surrounding walls and sinks are cleaned and disinfected every day and between sessions when there is more than one session.

  4. Dress up clothes/imaginative play materials must be washed regularly.

  5. Sand is always covered when not in use.

  6. All left over food is properly disposed of.

  7. Routine cleaning which may pose a safety risk must not take place when children are on the premises.

  8. This information will be recorded on a daily basis.

Infectious Disease Control

  1. Children and adults with heavy colds or coughs must not attend Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre.

  2. Children with infectious disease must not attend the childcare centre until the doctor has agreed the child is fit to attend or the child is no longer infectious.

  3. Parents should inform Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre if their child has a contagious illness.

  4. When a child has an illness, the Illness and Medicine Policy will be followed.

  5. A dated notice informing all parents/guardians/carers of an infectious disease outbreak/incidence will be displayed on the front door of the centre, and on each door of the children’s rooms.

  6. Parents will be told verbally by staff of the outbreak.

Updated 12 September 2018