Internet Usage Policy

Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre

Internet Usage Policy


To allow children to positively use the internet as a developmental tool which encourages education, creative, personal, social, and emotional development as well as gaining more knowledge and understanding of the world.


  1. Only After School Club children who have written consent from their parents will have access to the internet.

  2. Computer screens will be in an area where staff may easily view them.

  3. To encourage co-operative learning, at least two chairs will be placed at each computer.

  4. A “Code of Conduct” will be implemented which will be signed off by parents, children, and staff.

  5. Staff will ensure the websites are age and stage appropriate for children by closely monitoring sites.

  6. The use of email accounts, chat rooms, and social networking sites is strictly prohibited.

  7. The upload of pictures and any personal information of any kind to the internet is strictly prohibited.

  8. Staff will create a list of “favourite sites” which are safe and appropriate for children.

Updated 12 September 2018