Outdoor Play Policy

Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre

Outdoor Play Policy


Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre recognises the importance of outdoor play and outdoor experiences for all children. The outdoors provides opportunities to explore nature and the natural living objects as well as gives the children ample time for physical exercise in a safe and secure environment.


  1. Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre believes all children should have access to the outdoor environment to explore, play, and enhance learning experiences.
  2. Early Years Teachers are encouraged to use the outdoor areas in their daily planning.
  3. Suitable clothing is to be worn outside i.e. waterproofs, hats, sunscreen as necessary. Shoes must fit securely on feet.
  4. The role of the adult is to facilitate learning in the outside environment. This is done by extending the outdoors and following the children’s interests. Interaction with the children while outside will ensure children are supported to manage risks, develop coping skills, and experience the world through all the senses.
  5. Every child, no matter their ability, has the right to access outside. This includes children under one year.
  6. While outside, the staff: child ratio will be upheld.
  7. Upon completion of a group playing outside, the area will be tidied up to ensure the area is ready for the next group of children going outside to explore.
  8. Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre provides parents with a list of items needed upon registration. This includes wellies, waterproofs, etc. for inclement weather. Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre endeavours to have children outside every day.
  9. Staff will follow the Risk Management Policy to ensure the outdoor environments are a safe place for children to be.
  10. A scheduled cleaning routine will be shared between the different age ranges to ensure the outdoor area is clean.

Updated 12 September 2018