Staff Recruitment Policy

Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre

Staff Recruitment Policy


Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre is committed to recruiting the best person for the post.

The management committee of Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre is committed to ensuring that our recruitment procedures are fair, transparent and equal opportunities for all potential and existing employees. This relates to gender, marital status, age, disability, race, sexual orientation, membership of the Travelling Community and Religious belief.


  1. Job description and person specification will be reviewed prior to advertising


Posts may be publicly advertised in local newspapers, and/or on the internet and state clearly that Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre is an equal opportunities employer. When the management committee deem it appropriate, in house recruitment will be utilised and replace public advertisement. All advertisements include the following:

Name and role of organisation

Job Title

Brief description of the job

Location of position

Qualifications and experience which are essential and which are desirable

Whether the position is full time or part- time, temporary or permanent

How to apply (CV or Application Form)

How to get further information

Closing date for application

Equal opportunities statement

Logos as required

Short listing

  1. A short listing panel, which should include a member of the Management Committee, is set up to review all applications.

  2. The selection criteria are based on the information in the advertisement and the job description. Assessment of applications is based only on information provided by the applicant.

  3. A marking system and score sheet are used to short list candidates.

  4. Applicants whom the short listing panel decide to select will be invited to an interview. A letter of regret should also be sent to all applicants who do not meet the selection criteria.

  5. A complete report of the short listing process is prepared by the short listing panel.

  6. All candidates will receive a copy of the job description prior to interview.


  1. An interview panel, preferably of three people, is selected by the Management Committee and always includes at least one member of the short listing panel. The panel may also include a representative from an external organisation e.g. Roscommon County Childcare Committee. Where possible both sexes are represented on the interview panel.

  2. Each member of the panel is supplied with the applications and CVs in advance.

  3. A list of interview questions based on the job description is prepared in advance of the interviews. The panel decides in advance who will cover each area. Each candidate is asked the same questions. At the end of each interview the candidate is invited to ask questions or to give any additional information.

  4. A marking system and score sheet is also prepared based on job description and person specification

  5. When the interviews are completed a full report of the interview process is prepared by the interview panel. The report is signed by each member of the panel and is kept on file for at least one year, together with the short listing report and the interview score sheet.

Selection Process

  1. The position is usually offered to the candidate with the highest mark on the score sheet, subject to satisfactory references, following approval from the Management Committee.

  2. Two references are sought one of which should come from the current or most recent employer. Both referees are contacted verbally by telephone and this is followed up with a written reference. This is recorded and placed in the staff file.

  3. Photo ID and original certificates of accredited training are sought before the successful candidate signs a contract of employment.

  4. Letters of regret are sent to all unsuccessful candidates within one week of the interviews.

  5. Recruitment records will be kept for a period of one year.

  6. All candidates have the right to information about their recruitment process and can request this in writing.

  7. Upon hiring, all staff will be required to complete a 6 month probation period.

Garda Vetting

  1. Garda Vetting is sought for all employees, volunteers, students and any adults who may come in contact with children in our service on a regular basis.

  2. A Garda vetting form will be enclosed with each application pack and should be submitted in relation to any criminal convictions with completed application.

Updated 12 September 2018