Toilet Training Policy

Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre

Toilet Training Policy


It is the policy of our service and in the interest of the children's health and safety, that a high standard of hygiene is promoted at all times, when children are learning to use the toilet.


  1. Parents are to inform the staff when they are about to begin toilet training their child. Ideally, toilet training your child could be done on a Friday evening, on a bank holiday weekend, or during holidays.

  2. When the child arrives at the centre, staff will inquire about how the toilet training went the previous night and before they arrived at the centre.

  3. When a child continues the toilet training at the centre, the child should be dressed in loose fitting, easy to manage clothes, i.e. tracksuit bottoms/leggings. Please avoid dresses /skirts in the beginning as it is difficult for a child to keep it out of the toilet. Please avoid jeans/dungarees, as they are difficult for the child pull down.

  4. Parents are to provide lots of spare clothes, including socks and shoes.

  5. Staff will:

    1. Encourage the child to sit on the toilet/potty every 20 minutes to begin with.

    2. The intervals between sittings will extend as the child increases in confidence.

    3. A step is used to help provide support on the toilet.

    4. The child is encouraged to wipe, pull up their underwear, and flush the toilet by themselves. Staff will provide assistance when needed.

    5. The child will wash hands with soap and water and then dry hands.

    6. A nappy/pull-ups will be used at sleep time, which are provided by parents.

    7. Soiled clothes will be placed in a plastic bag and sent home.

  6. Anti-bacterial soap and disposable paper towels are used for washing and drying hands

  7. A cleaning schedule is in place to ensure that children's toilets are kept in a clean and hygienic condition at all times

  8. Toileting patterns are encouraged consistently e.g. after mealtimes, before and immediately after naps etc.

  9. The staff will treat accidents sensitively and discretely.

  10. Praise and recognition is used when children are being toilet-trained to encourage self-esteem and a sense of achievement

  11. Potties are disinfected after each use.

  12. If required, another staff member is available to provide assistance

  13. The child's privacy is always respected.

  14. Staff will communicate to the parents how the toilet training went at the end of the day.

Updated 12 September 2018