Toileting Policy

Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre

Toileting Policy


It is the policy of Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre to ensure that each child has a right to privacy while using the toilet at the centre. Strong communication between families and staff will help ensure that children’s needs are met on a daily basis.


  1. A child should be toilet trained before they begin in the pre-school.

  2. At least one spare change of clothes is to be left in the service in case of an accident for pre-school children. More changes should be available for children younger than three years old.

  3. When a child begins in the pre-school, families must communicate to the staff if and when a child may have need assistance using the toilet.

  4. Children will be shown the toilets when they begin in the pre-school room.

  5. A child will need to inform the staff when they need to go to the toilet if they are in an outside area.

  6. Staff are to only assist a child in the toilet if the parent or the child requests it.

  7. A staff member will stand outside the toilets while a child is in the bathroom in case assistance is need.

  8. Staff will encourage children have flushed their toilet and washed their hands.

  9. Staff will communicate to families if they feel their child is having any difficulties with any of the toileting procedure.

12 September 2018