Withdrawing Children from the Service Policy

Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre

Withdrawing Children from the Service Policy


Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre understands that children will be withdrawn from services for a variety of reasons. Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre also understand that parents may request to reduce the level of service. Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre asks that parents provide an appropriate amount of notice to the service.


  1. Parents must speak to the Manager directly when they are aware that their child will be leaving the service.

  2. A minimum of two weeks’ notice must be given before the child’s last day.

  3. If two weeks is not given, the family will incur fees for the remainder of the two weeks.

  4. All fees and invoices must be paid in full before the child’s last day.

  5. If a parent wishes to decrease the amount of days their child attends, they must speak to the manager in order to come to an arrangement.

  6. Once a child cuts back on days at the centre, there is no guarantee that the days given up will be available again for the child during the same school year.

  7. Children who are enrolled in the centre for the pre-school session or After School Club are not required to inform the Manager that they will not be attending the centre over the summer. If they wish to attend over the summer full time, the parent must ask the manager about availability.

  8. Children attending the Baby/Toddler Room attend their booked in days all year round.

  9. It will be assumed that a child attending the After School Club will be returning the following September. If they are not planning on returning in September, notification must be given to the Manager by the end of the current school year, or as soon as possible.

Updated 12 September 2018